„For any international inquiries please feel free to contact me:
+43 664 1415000 or t.wagensommerer@css4you.at




The Austrian company consulting & service solution GmbH (short: CSS | www.css4you.com) is not only a consulting nor just a service company but it combines the best of both parts.

CSS is able to offer ideal solutions for customers due to a talented team and cooperations with experts in all areas.

The founder considers CSS as an ambitious company which offers great solutions for several areas due to their innovative and unique products. CSS is constantly working on product and business development.

The slogan „+ CSS – GET MORE“ promotes all the additional services and product extensions.

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„CSS4YOU.AT“ provides 4 technical divisions and with its „one stop“ concept it covers important consulting & service issues for property managers, developers, SMBs and individuals.

The company is presented by the slogan CSS4YOU.AT – „4 DIVISIONS, 1 TEAM“:
– experts for TV broadcasting | www.sat-kundendienst.at;
– security services | www.alarm4you.at;
– solutions for e-mobility 
| www.easyload.at;
– electrical services
| www.elektro4you.at




openbrain“ is the innovative and BizDev unit of CSS. The brand itself is split into two parts: the creative one and the rational one. On the one hand we’re trying to support our customers with new, creative solutions in Design & Graphics and on the other hand we’re trying to show them new ways of (Digital)Marketing & – Sales.





For „sat-kundendienst“ 5 field teams are daily duty in and around Vienna. „sat-kundendienst“ are THE experts for TV broadcasting in Vienna. Among the customers are huge landlords like Wiener Wohnen, Sozialbau, Wien Süd, Arwag,… all in all more than 250.000 households in and around Vienna, which makes it the biggest one in Vienna.



alarm4you“ is dedicated to support businesses and households in terms of security. The alarm systems market has grown tremendously over the last few years and months due to the rise in burglaries in Eastern Austria. As an expert for alarm systems we try to set ourselves apart by expert advice, personal service and high quality products.




EasyLoad®“ provides consulting and services solutions for e-mobility | consulting, installation, maintenance of e-loading point projects.
– Loading points / wall box for home
– Loading points / wall box for office locations
– Special projects (public loading-points solutions)



In addition to our core areas of communication technology , safety technology and e- mobility, we offer our customers „elektro4you“ with following services:
– photovoltaic systems (planning, construction , maintenance)
– electrical systems (planning , implementation, Review)
– lightning protection equipment (planning , implementation, Review)
– wiring & installation of networks





css-shop“ offers a suitable product-range out of our service-divisions – TV BROADCASTING, AUDIO (sat-kundendienst.at), SECURITY (alarm4you.at), E-MOBILITY (easyload.at), MARKETING (openbrain.at). Not only the products in our shop are our benefits – it is the combination of our expert-knowledge, products and services.